What’s in the Upcoming Issue


Eddie Adlum, Publisher

The coming edition of RePlay Magazine spotlights the mid-November IAAPA show, naturally, and will offer great pre-show planning help to show goers who like to marshal their time between the trade show and the seminars. Regarding IAAPA, which is most often seen as a game center show, Frank Seninsky runs a story telling route guys why they should hit the Florida event as well.

There’s lots more than IAAPA in the coming issue, including a story about a Canadian route operator who rents deluxe video attractions to locations on flat-fee who in turn put them onto free play for the customers. There’s also a feature on the CTM Group, which started out placing penny press machines and now runs over 12,000 assorted pieces around the country and overseas, too.

These and other fun and learning items deliver a good bang for the subscription buck to our readers. If you read someone else’s RePlay, get your own each month by emailing [email protected] or calling her at 818-776-2880. Still only $65 a year in the USA after all these years!



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