Virtuix Million-Play Milestone


The Omni virtual reality treadmill developer Virtuix recently hit 1 million plays on its Omniverse gaming platform, the company announced. It also just released its 20th game, Bull Runner, which simulates the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain.


Virtuix says it has shipped more than 3,000 Omni units to more than 500 locations in 45 countries since it launched in late 2017, and upon surpassing 1 million plays, published six key lessons learned from running VR at location-based entertainment venues.

One takeaway is that operators ought to offer better games, not more. Virtuix found that 80 percent of Omni operator revenue comes from only 20 percent of their games. In other words, just four of the 20 Omniverse games. Eight of 10 most popular games for the platform are shooter games.

Among other lessons learned: self-consciousness or shyness is a hurdle to people trying the platform; VR attendants must be socially engaging; player-to-attendant ratio should be at least 4:1; and gameplay has to be active, multilayer and competitive to keep players coming back.

The full report is available on the Virtuix website at this link.


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