UNIS Jets Into AAMA Gala With New Jetball Alley Game


After their successful video bowling game Lane Master in 2017, UNIS is coming out with Jetball Alley, which will be unveiled next week at the AAMA Gala – held in Lombard, Ill., from Sept. 9-13.

“This time around, UNIS combined the use of holographic technology with physical elements to maintain some authenticity of the traditional gameplay,” the company wrote about the new experience.

Jetball Alley features a 55” LCD monitor with color-changing LED lights around the nine holes at the end of the playfield. It uses holographic projection to display animations and effects as well. By rolling balls up the incline, players must try to hit three holes in a row to score (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Scoring combos adds more points. It’s that simple. Players also have a chance to play a bonus round if they reach a certain high score.

The game is available as a single unit or with three linkable units. Shipping is expected to start by early November.

If you can’t make it to the AAMA event, you can reach the company at www.unistechnology.com or visit them at the IAAPA Expo at booths 840 and 1040.


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