U.S.-China Trade War Could Affect Coin-Op


Word from Washington, D.C. is that nothing significant was accomplished in this morning’s talks between American and Chinese trade leaders, just in case anyone was hoping for an eleventh-hour reprieve from the Trump Administration’s newly-increased tariffs on a selection of Chinese business and consumer goods that went into effect today.


As everyone in the coin-op world knows all too well, an enormous portion of the prizes we give out to players via merchandisers, cranes and ticket games comes from China, along with a significant number of the amusement games themselves (let’s not forget spare parts, too).

Whether we’re in the mix of goods to bear the new 25 percent import duty, which is what a tariff means, we don’t know yet, but we’re investigating. Of course, the administration has been known to back down rather quickly on these things in the past. But pundits think this time the president is deadly serious about forcing China to take a harder look at their disregard of our intellectual property laws and other irritants in our trade relationship with them. More to come.