U.K. Pub Population Rebounding


While pub closures have been a problem in the U.K., the locations certainly haven’t lost relevance (as evidenced by this story) and are reportedly rebounding.

A Canadian gal named Isobel Casey was actually born in a bar in the English village of Wynton 18 years ago when her mom gave birth at the town’s Hartford Mill pub. According to BBC News, the family moved to Vancouver four years after, but recently returned on her 18th birthday (Feb. 14) so Isobel could get her first pint! That’s kind of a rite of passage among many in the pub crowd.

Speaking of pubs, England’s Electrocoin supremo John Stergides tells us that a disturbing trend of pub closures that’s been averaging around 27 per month has turned around thanks to some favorable gaming legislation. (As for what’s happening in the States, Hank Schlesinger explored bar closures in his Route Operator Question of the Month which will appear in the April issue.)


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