Coastal Amusements Showing Plinko at Booth #439


Coastal Amusements is encouraging Amusement Expo showgoers to “come on down” and experience their Plinko game, based on the hit game from the Price is Right, which made its debut on the show in 1983.

Coastal’s version, of course, is a modernized redemption game. They say the licensed game “is sure to be a hit,” and is beautifully designed and lit with RGB lights throughout, which will “surely catch the eye of all players from anywhere in the room.”

Players are challenged to drop the Plinko chip in any one of the nine winner slots. Time the drop just right and direct the chip toward the “Multi-Chip” or any of the nine “Megabonus” letters. Go for the ultimate win and light all “M-E-G-A-B-O-N-U-S” letters. The more chips that fall, the more tickets you win. If you can’t make it to Expo, visit for more information. Click here for a video of the game.


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