TouchTunes Expands Ad Sideline


TouchTunes is looking to capitalize on its massive network of internet-connected jukeboxes by working alongside an online advertising company called the Rubicon Project. A deal between the two companies was announced April 24, making advertising to TouchTunes out-of-home audience easier for buyers in the private marketplace.

By working with Rubicon, TouchTunes says advertisers will be able to leverage the jukebox maker’s data to target consumers by geography, time of day, music genre, venue type and language. As an example, a campaign for Gorillaz’ new album was targeted to bars that were more likely to favor alternative rock and hip hop genres when that title was released. When a consumer saw a Gorillaz’ advertisement on the jukebox, they may have been inspired to play music, increasing jukebox revenue for operators.

Additionally, because the Rubicon Project platform automates much of the ad buying process, TouchTunes officials hope to see an increase in advertising revenue to ultimately share with operators.

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