Ticket Ring Game Name Protection


One of coin-op’s most profitable games ever on the market is Smart Industries’ Ticket Ring, which is not only the machine’s name but the actual Ticket Ring prize (worth a value of tickets) that it vends. It’s that very name that Smart’s VP of Sales Jim Dupree has addressed in the following notice:

“The games associated with it like Ticket Ring and Taj Mahal using the Smart Ticket Rings have produced outstanding revenues at leading FECs. With every passing day, the Ticket Ring finds itself more and more becoming one of this industry’s legends, which can mean that other companies might want to find a way in.

“Therefore, I need to remind everyone that Smart Industries has pursued protections on the name ‘Ticket Ring’ as well as the Ticket Ring product itself. These include registered trademarks as well as patents in numerous countries around the globe,” Dupree declared.

“The value of this machine, the product, and its very name are obviously of great value to Smart Industries, and our company intends to pursue all necessary means to maintain our product’s position. We are very proud to present this fantastic product to both operators and players and invite all operators to seriously consider placing it in their appropriate locations.”


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