Story Land converts to Semnox’s Cashless Debit Card system


Story Land, an FEC in Indonesia, recently converted their old mag stripe card readers over to Semnox’s RFID cashless debit card system set up with full WiFi capabilities (no need to run cables to each machine). Semnox reported that the Story Land operators were excited about the flexibility to rearrange machines as and when required.

Semnox said it also transferred the historical card data from Story Land’s older system, making the transition smoother and easier for the customers to switch over to the new RFID cards while still retaining their past balances. All machines have been set up with the option of manual and e-Tickets giving customers the ability to choose between the two.

“We are extremely happy with the timely installation from the Semnox team,” said Mr. Budiyono, Operational Director of Story Land. “We had no hesitation in choosing Semnox considering the feedback we received from their existing client based in this region. We look forward to working with Semnox as we expand in the future.”

“Game zones are looking to transform the way they connect with their customers and to stay ahead of competition. By leveraging the power of Semnox’s RFID based cashless system, Story land provides its customers an exciting new way to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction,” said Kiran Karanki, Director of Semnox Solutions.


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