UNIS Holds Open House In Dallas


UNIS recently held an open house for U.S. distributors to show off ten new games that they’ll also be bringing to the IAAPA show. UNIS says their newest product, a five-player virtual reality game called OMNI ARENA, is sure to “wow” crowds at the expo. The incredibly immersive experience allows players to team up in a virtual world where they can be the character. Futuristic omni-directional treadmills allow the player to control their character with their own body, walking in place on the treadmill. (It’s available in a two-player version, too.)

Other games UNIS displayed at their open house, and will be showing at IAAPA, include Ultra Race (driving game), Lane Master (video bowling), Mayan Kingdom (pusher), Extreme Shot (basketball game), Outback Hunter (four-player video shooting gallery), Pin Up (redemption) and more.

Watch the linked video to see their OMNI ARENA game in use, and be sure to check out their exhibit at IAAPA – booth numbers 1046 and 846.


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