Stern Announces New Pin


Black Knight: Sword of Rage, the third game in the Black Knight franchise, will soon be released by Stern Pinball, according to a recent press release.

While the machine, which will be available in pro, premium and limited-edition models, is not on display at the Amusement Expo, it is expected to begin shipping in the next couple of weeks, according to factory’s marketing director Zach Sharpe.

In the new pin, players will get to “explore, discover and unlock the secrets of the Black Knight universe” by navigating through its realms and uncovering “foes, demons, riches and secrets in their quest against the Black Knight.”

The pinball machine was created by legendary game designer Steve Ritchie and features hand-drawn art, a player-controlled magnet used to prevent a ball from draining and time resetting drop targets. Only 600 limited-edition models will be made at $8,999. The premium cabinet comes in at $7,599 and $5,999 for the pro.

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