Spawnpoint Makes Major Changes Heading into ‘24


The free-roam VR platform makers at Spawnpoint recently made a few exciting announcements, including the introduction of Spawnpoint Phase 2, a major system overhaul designed to be more user-friendly and packed with new features.

“We’re currently putting the finishing touches on this brand-new iteration of Spawnpoint, but you can expect a lot of amazing new features and big improvements to old ones – more device monitoring, handy graphs to show you what your headsets are up to, peripheral pairing and management, bulk management/control features and much, much more!” shared the company’s Ben Woodford.

They also noted a new title called Dead Corps, where players can work together to “slay countless members of the undead.”

There’s also another new mini-game series called The Arctic Olympics. Aimed toward a family friendly audience, The Arctic Olympics is series of competitive mini-games starting with Slingshot Challenge. “See which of you is the greatest marksman as you pelt, melt and freeze the invading waves of snowmen,” the company said.

Click here to watch a game trailer for Dead Corps, here for Arctic Olympics and learn more at



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