AMI Entertainment’s New CEO is Tommy Moreno


With an extensive background in media, entertainment, hospitality and technology, AMI has announced that Tommy Moreno is their new CEO. Former CEO Mike Maas will now serve as chairman of the board for the jukebox company.

Moreno previously held notable positions at Pareto Labs, SONIFI, Miramax and The Walt Disney Company. He also has a military background and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tommy Moreno as our new CEO,” Maas said. “AMI’s success is built on a deep understanding and respect for operators, our people and our industry. Tommy appreciates that, will be a great fit for AMI, and will continue our relentless focus on innovation that delivers value to our operator partners.”

Said Moreno: “I am honored to join the talented team at AMI. I am truly impressed by the company culture and believe that we have a tremendous opportunity to continue to leverage that dedication and drive success for our customers.”

Alan Resnikoff, the lead deal partner at Coral Tree Partners, AMI’s primary owner, said they’re grateful for Mike’s more than 17 years of leadership. “He has grown the company from 2,000 venues when he started to over 30,000 locations today by understanding the needs of AMI’s partners and treating them the right way. Tommy’s experience and demeanor make him particularly well suited to continue Mike’s great work. We could not be more excited about the future of the company.”


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