Snapshot 2 App Hits 38k Downloads


LAI Games recently announced several digital milestones they’ve hit with their Snapshot 2 photo booth series, saying 38,000 people have downloaded their Snapshot Companion App and 275,000 photos have been uploaded. These numbers include photos uploaded from LAI’s newest Snapshot photo booths: the super-sized Snapshot 2 Studio and the collapsible Snapshot 2 Portable.

According to LAI, GameTime heavyweight Mike Abecassis said: “The Snapshot 2 Studio is a stellar piece. LAI got a lot of things right with this booth. Our guests vote with their dollars, and our guests are voting for this photo booth more than any other. It’s one of the unsung heroes of our game room. The cost per-vend is one of the leading factors in our decision to buy the booth, and one of the best.”

Operators have the freedom to buy ink, paper and other photo supplies for any Snapshot 2 directly from the manufacturer (Mitsubishi) or its distributors. According to LAI, this brings the cost down about 16 cents per player use.


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