Semnox Launches Parafait Achievements 2.0


In an effort to drive engagement, encourage repeat play and repeat visits, Semnox recently announced Parafait Achievements 2.0. According to the company, the technology leverages the concepts of point scoring, competition and rules of play.

The solution involves the use of Parafait tap-to-play hardware and software integrated with traditional arcade games, esports and virtual reality attractions.

The Parafait Achievements modules allows operators to set up simulator games, leagues and team events, which can be configured with team leaders and members associated with RFID tags.

“Location-based entertainment business are constantly thinking of ways to increase repeat visits at their venue,” said Kiran Karanki, director of Semnox. “We are happy to see that Parafait Achievements is acting as an enabler to achieve this goal.”

Learn more at and visit them in Booth #4237 at IAAPA Expo for additional information.


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