Party Center Software Webinar This Week


This month’s webinar from Party Center Software will focus on sales and marketing, and will be streamed live at 2 p.m. Eastern this Thursday, Nov. 7. You can register here to see it live, or get a copy of the webinar if you can’t virtually attend.

Presented by Timothy Morgan, founder and marketing coach at Giver Marketing, and Party Center Software’s Rebecca Twomey, the webinar will detail “Intentional Planning for the New Year: A 4-Step Blueprint to Create Your Sales & Marketing Strategy.”

“Intention planning is key when it comes to achieving success,” PCS noted in an email to potential registrants. “And, as a busy owner or manager of a family entertainment center, we know just how valuable your time is. We want to share tools that will help you save time and focus your energy where it really matters.

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