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Celebrating 15 Years in Cashless Play

In the ever-evolving world of technological advancements and products in the amusement industry, Semnox Solutions says they’re proud of their pioneering spirit. In 15 years, they’ve expanded globally and formed strategic partnerships that have bolstered the company, while creating new products that have an impact for operators.

Semnox Timeline for Cover Story 09923“At a time when the entertainment industry was yearning for a fresh wave of innovation driven by cutting-edge technologies, committed customer service, flexible systems to accommodate ever-evolving business needs, and holistic yet cost-effective offerings, a remarkable opportunity presented itself for us to step in,” said Semnox chairman Iqbal Mohammad.

“We seized this opportunity to introduce products and services that would not only challenge the status quo but also redefine the industry landscape. Today, we take pride in our decision to undertake this venture, as we continue to make waves while staying true to our original core values.”

Founded in 2008 in Mangalore, India, Semnox Solutions says it embarked on their journey with a particular set of values at their core – an innovative spirit, collaboration, a customer-first approach, a focus on value for money and unwavering integrity. With these guiding principles, they set out to become a leading solutions provider for the amusement industry.

In 2009, they launched their groundbreaking Parafait product. This comprehensive system featured a two-line RFID reader, card sale and recharge system specifically designed for arcades and FECs. Over the next five years, Semnox would continue to grow Parafait into an all-in-one integrated suite of solutions covering all aspects of venue management.

Its expansion included a 3.5” LCD panel RFID reader, a redemption and inventory management module, a mobile POS and a 360 CRM solution – with promotion management, membership management and a loyalty engine. The company says what really sets it apart is their commitment to client partnerships.

“The support from Semnox has been amazing,” said Mike Abecassis, owner of Game­Time, a chain of FECs in Florida featuring a full restaurant, bar, arcade and other attractions. “As we go to them, we work through where we think things could be improved and it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. They come back and give us wireframes or designs or examples of how they can make it work and how it would be applied. That type of collaboration is what really allows their platform to grow stronger and benefit other customers as well.”

Semnox has clients that span the globe and range from not only FECs and arcades, but large amusement parks, theme parks, water parks and other leisure venues like zoos and aquariums. The company says catering to such a diverse clientele reflects their versatility.

By 2014, Semnox expanded its product offerings to address the unique needs of outdoor amusement venues with Tixera Park Solutions and continued growing as it opened its new headquarters for the Americas in Dallas later that year.

Additionally, their introduction of self-service kiosks, food and beverage sales management and service maintenance solutions showcased their dedication to comprehensive venue management.

David McKillips - CEO of CEC (Chuck E. Cheese)

David McKillips, President and CEO of CEC Entertainment.

Semnox realized a monumental milestone in 2015 by landing its first major partner in North America – Chuck E. Cheese. What began as a test of the Parafait system against major competitors in 2013 turned into a contract for all 500-plus Chuck E. Cheese locations and 100-plus Peter Piper Pizza locations.

“As the largest FEC brand with more than 600 locations in 19 countries and territories, it is critical that we have the industry’s best partners to deliver the highest quality of entertainment and service to millions of guests we see each year,” said David McKillips, president & CEO of CEC Entertain­ment.

“Since 2015, Semnox has been our exclusive gaming technology vendor and an incredible partner in the design, development and maintenance of our games technology through our Playpass and Funpass systems, kiosks and advanced reporting services,” McKillips continued. “Their innovation and consistent ability to find solutions in an ever-changing environment has kept Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza’s games business best-in-class and given us the ability to deliver more and 1.2 billion game plays annually.”

Semnox says this achievement cemented the company as a big player in the cashless payment sector and would later set the stage for the era of “Tap-to-Play” functionality. Semnox introduced its Lumin Card Reader in 2016, which streamlined the guest experience and offered seamless access to attractions and games. The company also strengthened its outdoor venue offerings with a water-resistant IP65 reader, integrated RFID lockers, access control, kitchen display system for food and beverage, and the introduction of reservation modules by 2017.

Semnox said despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, they continued to adapt product offerings to fit the evolving needs of the industry – keeping their entire workforce intact and using the downtime to develop new products and services. They significantly enhanced their self-service kiosks; these next-generation machines now assist with facility scheduling, maintenance management, crowd limit management and more.

Those advancements have evolved into top-notch, IAAPA Brass Ring Award-winning products like the LuminOS card readers and the Redemption KlaimPrize Kiosk, which Loveland Laser Tag owner Jeff Willy touted as simplifying his facility.

“The old method of our redemption counter was as we see probably at most FECs, where we have a couple of redemption stations, and kids will crowd around picking up prizes,” he explained. “We added two of Semnox’s KlaimPrize kiosks and now customers can go up and choose their own redemption prizes. This has cut down on our staffing cost because on slow days we don’t actually have to staff the redemption counter.”

Another key aspect of Semnox’s new technology is the incorporation of cloud-based functionality and centralized data reporting. By leveraging the power of the cloud, amusement centers and FEC chains can access real-time data and analytics from anywhere. The centralization of data reporting simplifies the monitoring and management of operations. These developments also enabled the company to launch BizInsights, their mobile app that allows operators to access that same data valuable data and comprehensive views of venue operations from anywhere.

Monster Entertainment, the franchise company of Monster Mini Golf, would later leverage Semnox’s expertise in centralized data reporting to provide cohesion among its franchisees and more than 30 locations across the United States and Canada. At the end of 2022, after meeting with several tech companies, Monster Entertainment became Semnox Solutions’ second largest partnership in America.

“A video game rep told us we might want to look at this other company,” said Chris King, president of Monster Entertainment. “The technology was there, and from a tech company Semnox seemed to have more of a human feel to them. They flew someone out to meet with me two days later. It was that immediate response that just felt more connected than some of the other companies we had met with.”

The company’s commitment to building client partnerships goes beyond “just” providing solutions – it involves understanding the specific challenges and aspirations of each client and collaborating to achieve mutual success. With an emphasis on customer responsiveness and a 24/7 support model, Semnox ensures that their clients receive exceptional service and assistance, allowing operators to focus on delivering memorable experiences to their guests.

“We quickly learned that Semnox placed ethics and prompt and sincere customer service at the top of their list, and I believe, as a result of their self-pride, the system is top-notch in both technology and reliability,” said Christina Vitagliano, founder of Mon­ster Mini Golf. “And our franchisees are more than pleased with the lack of exorbitant and unnecessary fees.”

Looking ahead, Semnox continues to focus on cutting-edge innovations and client partnerships to shape the future of the amusement industry.

Their most recent tech advancement, the Kompact Kiosk, brings versatility and convenience to venue setups. It’s designed to be mountable and space-efficient, making it ideal for locations with limited space. The company notes that the kiosk’s compact design doesn’t compromise on functionality and offers all the features of their Klassic unit in a smaller footprint.

Also recognizing the importance of financial support in the industry, the company just announced a new partnership with Apex Commercial Capital to provide financial assistance for FEC owners and operators looking to invest in new technologies and upgrade their facilities without facing financial constraints.

“Partnering with Apex Commercial Capital allows us to provide unbeatable financing options to our valued clients,” said Bepin Jose, president of the Americas branch of Semnox Solutions. “Our focus has always been on empowering businesses to thrive and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients to help them do so, and this exclusive offer will significantly contribute to their success by alleviating financial barriers and accelerating their growth.”

Kiran Karanki, Semnox CEO

Kiran Karanki, CEO of Semnox Solutions.

Semnox will also be empowering clients with their upcoming cloud-based POS platform that is “poised to redefine transactional efficiency and guest satisfaction.” With advanced F&B capabilities integrated into the system, centers can seamlessly manage sales and inventory, ensuring a smooth dining experience for guests.

The company says clients can also look forward to the introduction of attraction booking at a kiosk, which will empower visitors further. And as a testament to Semnox’s commitment to staying at the forefront of payment technology, their RFID game readers will be equipped to accept EMV tap-to-pay with credit card payments, providing even more convenience for guests.

“Our focus on offering the best venue management and cashless payment systems for arcades, FECs and parks continues to grow into a major force in the industry,” said Semnox Solutions CEO Kiran Karanki. “Iqbal Mohammad’s vision in 2008 to disrupt the industry remains alive. As we celebrate 15 years of remarkable achievements, the industry can look forward to even more revolutionary solutions.”

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