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Sega VR AgentVR Agent

Sega Says the Game Brings a New Kind of Unattended Virtual Reality

Sega Amusements is now shipping their latest game VR Agent, which was first shown at IAAPA Expo 2021. The 2-player coin-op virtual reality game “brings the best of arcade shooting” into a highly immersive format, the company says.

Sega execs further claim VR Agent to be the “first-ever true attendant-free arcade shooting game,” a feat accomplished by reimagining the VR headset and controller setup. Instead of a headset and separate gun controller, the game brings these two items into one seamless device, which Sega says makes the headset more resistant to wear and tear and increases throughput.

Also helping with this is the automated deployment system. Once the game is coined up, the controller lowers and allows the player to jump in immediately. Once they’re finished, the controller retracts – meaning no more tangled wires or improperly stowed equipment.

“The response to VR Agent was immediate,” said sales director Justin Burke of the game’s launch at IAAPA. “The show was a real kickstart to that product.”

Not only were operators impressed, Marty Smith, one of the company’s U.S. sales managers, said three major VR competitors visited Sega’s IAAPA booth and left offering major compliments. “All of them were praising how the headset and gun controller were designed,” he said. There is no uncomfortable helmet-like headset that you typically see in VR. The headset is actually mounted to the gun and rests comfortably against your face.

Sega VR Agent

The automated deployment system on VR Agent keeps the cables neatly stowed up top and the VR headset rests on the gun itself. Designed to broadly appeal, the unattended piece has two game modes – a military-style battle and a more family-friendly robot mode.


A player’s mission in VR Agent is to take down enemies using a range of weapons to defeat the enemy mastermind at the end. Players take part in four missions, each with increasing difficulty levels; completing these levels will unlock the final “boss level.”

The gameplay operates under the “easy to grasp, but hard to master” ethos, which means the game encourages instant repeat play but also lets players master their marksmanship skills. The 2-player LED-illuminated cabinet can be linked to another to make a 4-player attraction to spark competition, which can be viewed by onlookers on the two 50” vertical screens.

Smith said the game was made to be for everyone – from military-style game settings to the more family-friendly robot mode. “VR Agent should cater to all types of centers,” he said. “A lot of unattended VR is ride-based now. Our game is built like the traditional gun games with great depth for lots of game continuation.”
The Sega team said this results in a highly interactive and deeply immersive experience where players must turn around, look up, down and around corners to spot hiding enemies.

It’s been reported that VR games that “trick” the mind into experiencing motion without actually delivering motion to the body results in more people suffering from motion sickness, Sega said.

With VR Agent, players are in full control of their movement. If they want to take down an enemy above, they have to physically look up and aim. This greatly limits motion sickness. On test, most players who traditionally complain about VR motion sickness felt none with this game, the company reported.

VR Agent uses the powerful “Unreal Engine” game architecture to produce its hyper-realistic environments that instantly immerse players into the action-packed world. It offers detailed, lifelike physics and authentic reaction from in-game enemies.

Players will jump for cover when they see a huge glass window shatter and fall to the ground just like in real life.

Sega VR Agent - closeup of controller/headset combo

VR Agent uniquely has the headset attached to the game’s gun.

“The coolest thing about this game for operators is the headset and the fact it’s attendant free,” said U.S. sales manager Vince Moreno. He also said that VR Agent is “priced extremely well to deliver a quick ROI” considering it’s a 2-player game featuring two headsets in a single cabinet. Test locations are showing strong player appeal with the game the top piece at several spots, Marty Smith added.

Sales have been brisk, reports Justin Burke, who said that at trade shows, it’s been their best-selling game since its release: “We’ve been selling containers to customers from the booth. Operators love it.”

And having the name “Sega Amusements” associated with this VR attraction doesn’t hurt!

“We have a long history of producing phenomenal arcade games,” said CEO Paul Williams. “We leverage over 60 years of in-depth knowledge and experience to continue to stay at the forefront of arcade game development. Our games have entertained generations of people across the world, and we take pride in that.

“Our current product portfolio features a wide range of games to suit every operator’s needs. And because we develop top-performing games, operators can buy with confidence when they buy from Sega Amuse­ments International.”

Among those other top games at the moment are Mission: Impossible Arcade, Men in Black, Jumanji, Polar Slide and their very latest, Allstars Basketball (learn more in the sidebar below). One more license is expected to be released later this year as well.

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Sega VR Agent - production line

It’s full steam ahead on the production line. VR Agent is shipping now.

Get to Know Some of Sega’s Other Recent Games in the Words of the Manufacturer:  

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Men in Black is an explosive new skill-based video redemption game presented in a stunning, retro-futuristic cabinet that takes design cues from the iconic MIB headquarters. The dual Tri-Barrel Plasma Guns are straight out of the movies and are sure to attract players of all ages.Sega Jumanji cabinet

Jump into the rich fantasy world of Jumanji, a 4-player, skill-based ticket redemption game that brings the multibillion-dollar blockbuster film franchise to the amusements market for the very first time. Players take on the role as one of the film’s main characters to solve 12 entertaining and exciting games to win tickets.

Sega Polar SlidePolar Slide is a family-friendly quick-play redemption game with a small footprint and great income potential. Players simply press the button at just the right time to let the puck go through the pass zone, so it slides down to the rotating wheel with higher ticket values. If done skillfully, players could win the big-ticket bonus. Rich blue lighting, igloo-shaped header and cool snowy artwork from top to bottom make this an attractive polar-themed cabinet on location.

Sega Allstars Basketball with playerWith Allstars Basketball, the next generation of basketball game has arrived. Featuring a stunning 65” vertical screen, players will love the brand-new dynamic interaction and fun animations. The screen brings a unique twist to the classic sports game thus encouraging players to keep playing and challenge their friends or family to some fun competition.




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