IT’s Arcade Collection Update Shipping in June


The Arcade Collection, the multicade from Incredible Technologies featuring Silver Strike Bowling, PowerPutt Golf and Target Toss Pro, will get a software update on June 10. The update will bring the multicade online and also connect it to the company’s new Score IT software.

“When we built The Arcade Collection, we hoped that the interest in the product would warrant us having to invest in bringing the product online,” said Adam Kramer, president of Incredible Technologies’ amusement division. “The overwhelming response made this an easy decision to make, especially when you consider just how strong of a following Silver Strike has built over 20 years.”

Arcade Collection LIVE will unlock a wealth of features for Silver Strike, including Prize Play, Roll-N-Win and other game modes. Vegas Bowling, a popular mode on the 20-year-old platform, will also be available to be played online.

While PowerPutt Golf and Target Toss Pro will remain offline, the games “are both feature-rich and offer up wide appeal,” IT said. PowerPutt comes loaded with 11 courses with hundreds of unique tee areas and pin placements. Target Toss Pro includes both lawn darts and bags, making it two games in one. Both games also offer local bracket-style play for up to 16 players.

Operators will now have the ability to run Silver Strike-specific contest on The Arcade Collection using Score IT, the company’s web-based player-tracking software, which debuted on Golden Tee Golf cabinets last month.

“The longevity and success of Silver Strike is a testament to our players and the ability for our operators to create events that bring this game to life,” Kramer added. “Score IT will be a critical piece of The Arcade Collection’s future, and we’re very excited to see what custom contests our operators will create.” Learn more at


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