Sega Updates Three Nice Games


The storied game makers at Sega are quite literally shining bright as they unveiled some updates and hype for three of their most recent titles: Sonic Basketball, Transformers Shadows Rising and Daytona Championship. The company says Sonic Basketball is now outfitted with bright, flashing blue lights that are meant draw and capture attention in the most crowded game rooms. These reactive lights explode in color when a player makes a basket, meaning scoring is a lot more fun and gratifying.

The game is in stock and ready to ship, and features a compact design with locations big and small in mind. Transformers Shadows Rising is Sega’s action-packed homage to the blockbuster movies and classic kids’ toys. The game comes housed in an impressive, Optimus Prime cabinet, and players are given the chance to save the world alongside their favorite robots in disguise! It’s also shipping now. And as reported in the Aug. 8 Instant RePlay, Sega’s debuted a new, smaller version of their Daytona Championship USA driver. Both models are in stock and ready for racing action.


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