Shoe’s on the Other Foot


As the ones usually conducting the interviews and writing stories, RePlay’s Ingrid Milkes and Key Snodgress felt a little bit “out of water” when they found themselves on the other end of things recently.

The company that prints RePlay, Johnson Press of America in Pontiac, Ill., publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called “Print Matters” which, among other things, includes a spotlight on one of its customers. They asked if the RePlay gals would be interested.

Writer Tracey Timpanaro was a delight to work with and crafted a brief on how Ingrid and Key work together, the magazine and so on. From Ingrid’s growing up in the business, being the daughter of Publisher Eddie Adlum, to Key’s start at the magazine in her first post-college job, the two have really “grown up” in the coin machine and publishing industries at the same time.

Growing up Adlum, Ingrid’s first gig with RePlay came at age 6 stuffing and sealing magazines in their mailing envelopes for 25 cents an hour. It was 1981 when Key was offered a beer by Publisher Eddie Adlum during her job interview. It made for a good connection and an even better story. As you can tell, she accepted the offer (and the beer, by the way). It looks like things are working out, but it’s still too early to tell. LOL


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