“Exergaming” Heads to the Arcade with New Rhythm, Dance Game


StepManiaX is the latest in a long-lasting trend of dance games that have lit up arcades for years. The game comes from the developers of other coin-op dance games like In the Groove and Rerave. Chris Cotty, sales director for Step Revolution LLC, the company building the home and coin-op version of the game, says it updates the genre to further capitalize on the growth of interest in games that make exercise fun. This concept, exergaming, has seen growth as younger generations prioritize health, fun and the combination of both.

StepManiaX is currently in homes, but coin-op versions are now on test in several locations: Timezone Vivo City (Singapore), Timezone Plaza Singapura (Singapore) and 8 on the Break Arcade (New Jersey). The company is bringing a competitive aspect to the game as well, and hosted its first, 30-player tournament, the Champions of the Coast, on Aug. 17 in New Jersey.

Cotty expects to have coin-op units available in 90 days, and is looking toward Player One Amusement Group as a “distribution partner.” As of now, the game retails at $8,800. “The rising cost of similar games has driven them out of the spotlight,” Cotty claims. “We can now offer a game with many positive attributes, such as music and fitness, at a very attractive price that will ensure an excellent ROI.”


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