Sega Releases New ATV Slam Vid


“Unleash your racing spirit,” Sega boasts with its latest racing game, ATV Slam. The company released a new video yesterday, July 11, featuring the game, which they say “takes all-terrain vehicle racing to a whole new level.”

The video also says, “Players will experience the most realistic ATV racing ever.” It’s a 4-player game whose cabinet features a life-size quadbike with huge back wheels, chrome engine compartment and LED lighting effects from top to bottom.

ATV Slam is right on the mark with what players are looking for nowadays,” Sega said. “They want a thrilling gameplay experience that’s off-track and has lot of explosive action. They expect a visual experience that is slick, immersive and feels realistic, from a visual and mechanical standpoint.”

That’s exactly what Sega says they’ve delivered with the new game. More info is available at


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