Raw Thrills Touts Two New Games


Eugene Jarvis of Raw Thrills made some 2020 announcements in a recent newsletter, detailing a pair of new games. The big one is Raw Thrills’ jump into virtual reality with King Kong of Skull Island.

Jarvis took a swipe at his competitors in the announcement: “Are you as tired as we are of overhyped, overpriced and/or under delivering VR arcade experiences? Well guess what? It’s time to end the VR shell game with the REAL DEAL!” RePlay will keep you updated with more updates when we get them.

Another game that’s closer to shipping is the Taito classic Bust-A-Move Frenzy. The game, a 2-player bubble popper on a giant 10-foot LED screen, was seen on location testing late last year. The game is now in production and will be at Amusement Expo.

Big Buck Hunter Reloaded is also launching soon. Online Big Buck HD units get the upgrade kit for free (need to have it online by Feb. 14 to be a part of the first mailing). Contact 866-646-1975 for more information.

Visit www.rawthrills.com for more information and get ready for our March issue, which will feature Raw Thrills on the cover.


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