Raw Thrills Goes To TwitchCon


ESports mecca Twitch.tv held its annual conference from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 in San Diego, Calif., and Raw Thrills was there to represent arcade gaming to the thousands that attended. The company provided its MotoGP racers and Big Buck HD hunting games at a booth at TwitchCon, and hosted the second annual PJSaltan Finals which pitted four popular streamers – Dyoshi, ProtonJon, iKasperr and Ezekiel III – against each other in an arcade free-for-all brawl.

The four contestants were challenged even more upon finding out they’d have to go head-to-head with four-time Big Buck HD Ladies Champion Sara Erlandson, who brought the heat to show online gamers what it means to have arcade skills.

Thousands attended the event in person, and over 20,000 viewers tuned in through the eSports portal at Raw Thrills’ Twitch.tv page.

Click here to see the competition for yourself, and to watch hundreds of other gamers play everyday.



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