UNIS Debuts New Lineup At GTI Asia Amusements Show


UNIS brought a variety of new games to the GTI Asia Amusements Show in mid-September. Among the lineup one product stood out: a brand new virtual reality experience created in partnership with Virtuix Omni and Hero Entertainment.

The platform allows five players to experience full immersion through VR, controlling their in-game movements with their bodies. Using innovative omnidirectional treadmills created by Virtuix Omni, players can walk “in place” and move their character throughout the game without the worry of crashing into walls or unseen objects.

UNIS also presented several other new, more traditional products, including a self-contained pusher called Mayan Kingdom, a game room showpiece named Crazy Clock, a new basketball game dubbed Extreme Shot and a new racer titled Ultra Race. Finally, the firm presented the video bowling game Lane Master, a four-player shooting gallery called Outback Hunter and the kid-oriented hidden-object game Zoo Explorer.

Look for further news about the games being featured at the company’s IAAPA Attractions Expo booth, or go to UNIS’ website here.


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