Pioneer Sales Hosts AMI Service School


Bryan Aune, Kapil Mistry and Fred Bergman of AMI Entertainment brought their jukebox knowledge to Jon Kleiman’s Pioneer Sales & Service last week; the company hosted AMI’s Service School on Sept. 17.

“They did a great job explaining all the new features AMI has to offer to help make operators more money,” said Kleiman. That included discussions about their new Co-Pilot app that helps operators easily manage their jukeboxes from a smartphone; learning about the New Music app; and going over how their new background music option can keep jukeboxes in control of all the music in a location.

Kleiman reported more than 35 attendees at the event – some of whom came from as far as five-and-a-half hours away. “We thank the AMI crew and all the operators for attending. We appreciate being part of this great industry in Wisconsin.”

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