Pinballz Adds Hologate


The Austin, Texas-based FEC Pinballz just launched its third virtual reality experience this week with the unveiling of Hologateat its Lake Creek location on July 31. The attraction joins Virtuix’s VR Arena and LAI Games’ Virtual Rabbids in the Pinballz VR suite.

“With the addition of our new HologateVR arena, guests can now play in three fully immersive VR experiences,” said owner Darren Spohn. “We now offer 10 unique games between all three attractions with more on the way including Angry Birds and Das Boot.

Hologate is a physically engaging, immersive experience that’s suitable for players of any age with games like Zombyte, Groove Guardians, Simurai, and Cold Clash. We’re excited to add these VR social experiences to our massive selection of new and classic games.”

More about the more than 100,000-sq.-ft. facility in Lake Creek and other Pinballz locations is available at


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