Power Roll Rolling Off Sega Production Line


Sega’s brand-new skill-based redemption game Power Roll is coming off the production line and heading into arcades this week, the company reports.

Launched at Amusement Expo in March, Sega says the game was “exceptionally well-received” and that “operators praised the game’s jaw-dropping cabinet design and fun, intuitive gameplay.” Players simply pull a lever with just the right amount of strength, launching a ball up a ramp and into the “bonus ticket zone.”

Power Roll is fantastic and a consistent earner,” said George Smith, president of Family Entertainment Group. “It’s among the top pieces we operate and seems to work in all environments.”

The 121” tall yellow and red cabinet, in conjunction with its lighting effects, is eye-catching (that’s the height with the deluxe lit marquee. More details are available online or by emailing [email protected].


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