Old Alley Will See Life in 2020


It’s been a long time coming, but Carrick Classic Lanes – a former Pittsburgh bowling alley featured in the film Kingpin – is being readied to come back to life next year.


Constructed in 1929 as Stanley Parlors, the building first had two floors of duckpin bowling and was converted into a traditional 10-pin bowling alley in 1961 (pictured at right), according to TribLive. The bowling alley has been closed since 1995. The current owners, Lisa Casen and husband Jeff Jackson, have owned the building since 2007.

They are working to restore the bowling alley and the part of the building that houses three apartments, and currently operate Whoville’s craft beer bar at the location.

After many years of neglect, parts of the roof had collapsed onto the wooden lanes. Beginning the transformation, the owners have already filled 17 dumpsters with water-logged debris, replaced the roof, electrical wiring and plumbing, and repaired the ball-return and pin setup mechanisms. But there’s much left to be done.

“It’s going to take time for it to come together, but when it does, it’s going to be a true family bowling experience,” Casen said.

See updates by searching for “Carrick Classic Lanes” on Facebook, where the owners have been keeping more than 500 followers up to speed since last summer.



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