NBVA Announces 2023 “Best Of” Awards


During its 2024 annual conference, the National Bulk Vending Assn. gave their “Best Of” awards for 2023, with Flatline Corp. coming out the biggest winner.

Bulk Vending

The awards were as follows: 

  • Best Original Design One-Inch Product, Squishy Creatures, SSM Vending
  • Best Licensed Design One-Inch Product, Junk Food Doody Mini Brands, Flatline Corp.
  • Best Original Design Two-Inch Product, 2” Slow Rise Octopus, Allstar Vending
  • Best Licensed Design Two-Inch Product, Butts on Things Keychains, Flatline Corp.
  • Best Original Design Tattoo, Best of Horror, SSM Vending
  • Best Licensed Design Tattoo, Sonic the Hedgehog Temporary Tattoo, A & A Global
  • Best Original Design Sticker, Axolotis, Flatline Corp.
  • Best Licensed Design Sticker, Hello Kitty, Flatline Corp.
  • Best Bulk Candy or Gum, Blow Pop Gumball, Charms Company
  • Best Bulk/Amusement Vending Machine, 14” Super Mini Crane with Duo Option, CandyMachines.com
  • Best Customer Service, CandyMachines.com
  • Best Website, CandyMachines.com

Their new board of directors includes co-presidents Jennifer Jaynes and Scott Ausmus, vice president Craig Goodman, treasurer Dominick Barbato and secretary Jonathan Howard.

You can learn more about the association, which has been serving the bulk vending industry since 1950, at www.nbva.org.


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