TouchTunes Revamps Mobile App; FunWallet Coming Later This Year


The innovative jukebox maker TouchTunes unveiled their updated mobile app in time for Amusement Expo last month. The new mobile app “makes the digital jukebox experience more seamless and engaging, connecting consumers in person through the power of music like never before,” the company said.

TouchTunes CEO Ross Honey spoke with RePlay on the trade show floor, detailing some of the features, including its “Full Queue Visibility,” which allows users to follow their song’s progress with real-time status updates and scroll through the entire queue to know exactly where they are in line to hear their song.

There’s also a “FastPass” enhancement coming up, which will let patrons choose to spend a few extra credits to hear their song sooner.

More than that, the company has also made an effort to make the jukebox experience more social than ever before, adding community elements to the machines. Among those engagement features on the horizon is “Song Battle,” which will allow users to pit two songs against each other, giving everyone in the venue a chance to vote on which one will play next.

In other company news, following the purchase of Arachnid 360, TouchTunes is also developing a FunWallet that will debut in Q4, enabling a mobile payment option on music, darts and pool.

The new platform will be enabled at no cost to operators with internet-connected machines or payment devices. A low-cost retrofit kit will be available for any machines that aren’t already connected.

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