Namco USA Inc. Announces Nationwide Expansion


During IAAPA in November, Namco USA Inc. (NUSA) announced it would be greatly expanding its amusement operations in North America under the iconic brand name PAC-MAN. NUSA’s parent company, Bandai Namco Group, said it is committed to expansion in three key global markets over the next 10 years: China, India and North America.

Directly managed locations by NUSA will continue to develop, scale and expand, with locations like Pac-Man Zone, Pac-Man Café and Pac-Man Entertainment continuing to pop up nationwide. President and CEO, Kiyoshi Saito, stated, “Over the past few months, we have evolved our full-scale restaurant and entertainment center in Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, Ill., from Level 257 to Pac-Man Entertainment. It is only natural that we expand on this change and embrace it across our operations.”


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