Minority Media, Hasbro Bring Transformers VR


Transformers: VR Battle Arena will debut at Minority Media’s Booth #3088 at IAAPA Expo. Partnering with Hasbro, the upstart game studio brings fans of the franchise into virtual reality, allowing them to play as a Transformers bot.

An immersive, 4-person, player vs. player game, Minority Media says it delivers “more than meets the eye.”

“There are generations of fans who will now be able to experience actually becoming one of the huge Transformers bots,” said Minority Media CEO Vander Caballero. “Minority Media and Hasbro have come together to craft a heart-pounding player-versus-player battle – a truly fun and immersive Transformers adventure that delivers the awe-inspiring thrill of being and seeing building-sized Transformers robots as you chase and fight your way through this game.”

The game maker says the game begins following the shattering of the powerful “Allspark” that scatters pieces of it across the world. Players collect Allspark shard power-ups found traversing the environments by defeating other “Cybertronians” in order to collect theirs. Whoever has the most shards at the end wins. The experience initially features three different epic-scale environments that has players crashing through a downtown cityscape, slugging it out in a refinery and taking the fight to the docks.

Univest Capital also recently announced a special financing option for the product: “No Pay Until May,” plus rates as low as 5.99 percent APR. Email [email protected] for more information about that, and visit www.weareminority.com to schedule an IAAPA meeting with the company.


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