ICE All-In with All-In


Stop by Booths #1106 and #1306 at IAAPA to see ICE’s latest game, All-In, which is shipping now. The company collaborated with Gordon Crompton and Ben Wilson of GB Amusements on the machine. Watch a video of the game in action here.

In what the factory describes as an easy-to-play redemption game, players pull a plunger and go for the bonus value tickets, aiming a puck for the big-ticket win zones. If players miss landing the puck “all-in” one of the many win zones, they still win tickets.

All-In incorporates a 40” high-definition LED screen that gives the player an instant replay of every shot, either confirming their win or showing them how much they missed the win by.

All­-In has been testing on location for most of 2019 and the results across the board have been incredibly strong,” said ICE President Joe Coppola. “We have tested it in large locations, as well as smaller regional arcade concepts, and in every case All-In was one of the top-ranking redemption games.” More information is available at


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