Michael Green Has Gone


The U.K.’s towering coin-op veteran Michael Green has passed away, and numerous industry people throughout the world are mourning. InterGame magazine’s David Snook passed along the sad news to us, along with a message from our own Marc Haim of Gold Coast Distributing (Long Island export/importers), who knew him as well as anyone.

During his lengthy career in coin-op, which brought him into manufacturing, operating and distributing from his various bases in England, Green’s passing (said Haim) marked the end of an era. “Michael was one of the last to grow up in this business during the 50s and saw it develop from the gambling days, to pure amusement arcade games, to the jukebox boom years and into the golden age of videos and beyond,” Haim said.

“He was well known in all parts of the world, and he leaves many friends, myself among them. My condolences to Hillary, his wife and partner of many years and to his extended family.” May he rest in God’s peace.



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