Mega Blaster, SpaceWarp 66 Ready to Ship from TouchMagix


TouchMagix recently announced that its games Mega Blaster and SpaceWarp 66 will start shipping in May. The company noted that production at scale has been “a massive challenge” for manufacturers, especially with bulk orders coming in while the supply chain is fractured.

“We’ve been focusing on getting the supply chain right at TouchMagix and worked very hard to minimize the time lag between order to delivery over the last two years with the primary goal of bridging the time gap between date of order and fulfillment,” said CEO Jayesh Kariya. “We’re ecstatic that with an efficient production system in place, our in-demand games like Mega Blaster and SpaceWarp 66, along with the others are ready to ship right away!”

The company says their Mega Blaster ranks among the top three games in terms of number of plays in the U.S., citing $1,400 in weekly earnings at a Florida FEC with more than 130 games. Learn more at


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