Trifecta Promotes Three VPs, Adding to Leadership


Trifecta Management Group recently announced the promotions of Rebecca Metzner, Sarah Vigil and Kim Wheeler to vice president of their departments. Metzner is now the VP of sales and marketing, Vigil the VP of marketing and Wheeler the VP of team development.

“Each of these executives has not only taken ownership of their respective areas but are also extremely instrumental in all aspects of Trifecta and are involved in growing the overall TMG business and brand,” said managing partner Ron Lam. “Of equal importance, they don’t stay in their lane and their out-of-the-box thinking and ownership attitude have been extremely beneficial for TMG.”

The company said it is expanding its presence in the traditional retail entertainment space as well as new projects in other industries, including a concert venue, virtual entertainment, movie theaters and more. Learn more at


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