Machines, Myths and Legends – 90 Years of Rock-Ola – December 2016


90 Years of Rock-Ola

In Collaboration with Mantiques Network, RePlay Dives Into the History of the Longest-Running Jukebox Manufacturer

In this first of a new print and video series, RePlay has teamed with the fun and knowledgeable folks at The Mantiques Network to bring stories about the industry’s past to life.

Not meant to be the be-all and end-all of historical record, these anecdotal accounts will tell the story through the eyes of people who’ve either been a big part of an industry company, developed games or become avid collectors of a particular genre of coin-op equipment. The common thread throughout is the passion these storytellers have!

The Mantiques Network is the brainchild of co-founders Jeff Walker and Jim Schafer, who have created a new take on antiques called The Mantiques Network, located in Orange, Calif. Touted as “The Ultimate Shopping Experience & Social Network Designed For The Vintage Collector Enthusiast,” their operation focuses on sales, marketing, restoration and consignment of high-end antiques.

If Jeff’s name sounds familiar, it should. He spent 21 years in the industry, working for such companies as Bally, Atari, Nintendo, Data East, Betson, Gottlieb Pinball and Capcom. His partner owns Jim Schafer’s Antiques and is a renowned antique dealer and restorer, a business he’s been in for the past 40 years. Two other important members of the team are Tony Ritter and Jeff Sinclair. Tony is a producer and restoration expert for The Mantiques Network, as well as a cinematographer, best known for Free Flyers (2014). Sinclair is the newest member of the team as a master restorer with over 30 years of restoration experience.

As this longest-running jukebox manufacturer on the planet nears its 90th anniversary next year, The Mantiques Network visited with Rock-Ola owner Glenn Streeter in his Torrance, Calif., factory to learn the tale of founder David C. Rock-Ola and how Streeter came to take the reins. And now go watch this first installment of “Machines, Myths and Legends” … “90 Years of Rock-Ola.”


The Mantiques Network’s Tony Ritter, Jim Schafer, Jeff Walker and Jeff Sinclair in their Orange, Calif. HQ.

The Mantiques Network’s Tony Ritter, Jim Schafer, Jeff Walker and Jeff Sinclair in their Orange, Calif. HQ.

To read the companion print article, be sure to subscribe to RePlay by clicking on “Get RePlay” tab above. To see what other cool coin-op and non-coin-op “mantiques” Jeff, Jim, Tony and Jeff have run across, be sure to visit They have quite a collection of videos on their website, including their “Storytellers” series.




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