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From Court to Cliff

Smash Park & Bolder Adventure Park

by Barry Zelickson

In Fun Across America’s continual pursuit of finding great entertainment venues across the U.S., two distinct destinations have emerged as bright spots for recreational enthusiasts seeking novel experiences.

Smash Park, nestled in the heart of West Des Moines, Iowa, and Bolder Adventure Park, situated in the vibrant city of Grand Prairie, Texas, each represent quintessential examples of innovative leisure destinations. Both centers offer a unique blend of entertainment, community engagement, and active lifestyle pursuits, catering to diverse audiences with a penchant for excitement and camaraderie.


Smash Park – West Des Moines, IA

Smash Park stands as a beacon of entertainment, and at its heart lies a sport that’s been sweeping the nation: pickleball! This unassuming yet exhilarating game has found a home within Smash Park’s walls, drawing players of all ages and skill levels to its courts for a spirited blend of competition and camaraderie.

Pickleball, often described as a hybrid of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, has been gaining popularity for its accessibility and fast-paced gameplay. At Smash Park, enthusiasts and newcomers alike are welcomed to experience this addictive sport on state-of-the-art courts designed for optimal performance and enjoyment. Our Fun Across America host Nate and I got a chance to play a game (my first time) and I’m not going to lie, I had a blast! To pump up the fun meter, Smash Park also hosts glow pickleball events, a must-try for one of our return visits.

In addition, this facility provides both indoor and outdoor entertainment and transcends the conventional notion of leisure by offering a dynamic fusion of socializing, gaming and culinary delights. Visitors are greeted by an atmosphere buzzing with energy and excitement, eclectic décor and lively music that set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

As General Manager Don Garrett, put it, “Smash Park was created with pickelball at its core. Then, we took outlandish events, great food and awesome drinks, put all those together and Smash Park was born.” The recreational activities inside include four pickleball courts, classic arcade games, axe throwing, party darts, cornhole, indoor shuffleboard and table tennis. Outside, they have the “largest patio in the state of Iowa” where the fun continues with two additional pickleball courts, shuffleboard, bocce ball, yard games and corn hole.

There’s no shortage of entertainment options to indulge in. During our visit, the sprawling gaming area echoed with laughter and friendly competition, as patrons engaged in a variety of activities creating an immersive environment that appealed to all ages.

Smash Park also tantalizes the taste buds with a diverse culinary landscape. The onsite restaurant serves up a menu featuring gourmet burgers, artisan pizzas and mouthwatering appetizers, crafted with locally sourced ingredients and innovative flair. The full-service bar offers an extensive selection of craft beers, signature cocktails and fine wines, ensuring every palate is catered to with perfection.

Check out Nate in our YouTube segment as he quenches his thirst with a Smash By The Ocean (a vodka and blue curacao cocktail) served in one of their special 46 oz. Social Bowls. He later refuels with their Sheet Ton Of Nachos and Caribbean Shrimp Power Bowl with a mango vinaigrette. Just watching Nate indulge in these makes me want to head out to see what other delights they have on their menu.

However, what truly sets Smash Park apart is its unwavering commitment to fostering community and camaraderie. Whether it’s trivia nights, live music performances or charity events, the facility serves as a hub for social interaction and connection, where friendships are forged and memories are made.

In essence, Smash Park transcends the boundaries of traditional entertainment venues, offering a multifaceted experience. It’s more than just a place to play pickleball — it’s a destination where the joy of togetherness thrives, making it a cherished gem in the heart of West Des Moines.


Bolder Adventure Park – Grand Prairie, TX

Bolder Adventure Park stands as a testament to the spirit of adventure and excitement. This sprawling entertainment facility offers a thrilling array of activities that cater to adrenaline junkies and leisure seekers alike, making it a beloved destination for families, friends and thrill-seekers from near and far.

As you approach the giant inflatable dome that houses 66,000 sq. ft. of entertainment, you can’t help but wonder what is inside. At the core of Bolder Adventure Park’s allure are its exhilarating attractions, designed to push the boundaries of excitement and adventure. From towering 60-foot-high rock-climbing walls that challenge even the most seasoned climbers to high-flying ziplines that offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, there’s no shortage of heart-pounding experiences to be had. Each activity is meticulously crafted to provide a safe-yet-exhilarating environment, ensuring that adventurers of all ages can unleash their inner daredevil with confidence.

Bolder also offers a “via ferrata” climb experience. Via ferrata translates as “iron path” in English and refers to metal rungs, ladders or permanently fixed safety wire as a means of crossing otherwise tricky and steep rocky terrain. Our host Nate tackled his fear of heights and climbed their “tallest indoor mountain in Texas!” He said the experience was similar to climbing the Alps, or should I say, what he thinks it would be like if he ever climbed the Alps.

But Bolder Adventure Park isn’t just about adrenaline-fueled thrills. Jimmy Gant, their Director of Operations, explained, “We are climbing, we are skating, we are a little of everything,” and that truly is an understatement. In addition to its aerial attractions, Bolder also has tubing slides, a blaster arena, Spin Zone bumper cars, mining, an arcade, archery, an exploration play area, adventure nets and synthetic ice skating. Born and raised in Minnesota, I know a thing or two about ice – and this synthetic stuff is great. Nate couldn’t wait to put on his skates and check it out for himself. Did he fall? Watch our Park YouTube episode to find out for yourself.

The park’s inviting atmosphere and friendly staff create a welcoming environment where visitors can connect with one another and create lasting memories. Whether you’re cheering on a friend as they conquer a challenging obstacle course or performing a double or triple axel on the ice rink, Bolder Adventure Park fosters bonds that extend far beyond the bounds of its attractions.

In addition to its heart-pounding activities, Bolder Adventure Park also offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. From onsite dining options serving up delicious bites and refreshing beverages, the park goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of its guests.

In essence, Bolder Adventure Park is more than “just” an entertainment facility — it’s a gateway to excitement, connection and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, a chance to connect with nature, or simply a day of fun with loved ones, Bolder Adventure Park invites you to embark on a journey of thrilling escapades and lasting memories in the heart of Grand Prairie, Texas.


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As the curtains draw to a close on our exploration of these two remarkable entertainment centers, it becomes evident that Smash Park and Bolder Adventure Park stand as shining examples of leisure destinations redefining the boundaries of recreation and community engagement. Whether it’s the fast-paced thrill of pickleball at Smash Park or the exhilarating challenges of Bolder Adventure Park’s obstacle courses, these venues not only provide entertainment but also foster a sense of belonging and connection among visitors. As we look ahead, one can only anticipate the continued evolution of such innovative spaces, promising ever more exciting experiences for enthusiasts of all ages and interests.

As a final note, please reach out to our partner TrainerTainment (, which not only provides great training services to the entertainment industry, but also supports our efforts to create this fun content. See you next month for more fun adventures!



Barry Zelickson

Barry Zelickson, is the co-creator of Fun Across America, a YouTube channel travelogue show. Zelickson has worked in the entertainment field for almost 30 years and has been awarded several IAAPA Brass Ring awards including one of the association’s highest honors, Family Entertainment Center of the World. His other projects include commercials, infomercials, feature films, documentaries, live events and entertainment centers.


Nate Reinhart

Nate Reinhart

Nate Reinhart, host and co-creator of Fun Across America, is a content creator for NalterDeeds and NalterCards on YouTube and content consultant for creators and businesses alike. After a shoutout from MrBeast, Nate has accumulated over 250,000 subscribers on his YouTube channels.


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