Lasertron Conference Recap


The laser tag educational conference from Lasertron hit Rochester, N.Y., May 7-8, receiving glowing testimonials from its attendees.

Beth Standlee was the keynote speaker, and based her presentation on her new book, People Buy From People, now available on Amazon. Ben Jones, Harold Skripsky, Ann Krull, Britannie Betti and Bradford Doolittle were the other industry speakers

“The quality of this conference is reflected in the quality of operators in attendance, further raising the value we get every time we come back,” said attendee Patrick Murphy. Added John Ricciardi, it was an “outstanding opportunity to live in the operations of the nation’s #1 laser tag FEC for two days.”

Their next conference will be held Sept. 17-18. Reservations can be made by calling Ann at 305-257-3930 or Greg at 716-748-6430. Visit the company online at


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