Laserforce Boasts Strong Results in Australia


Laser tag makers have been busy upping their game, and when it comes to the “land down under,” manufacturer Laserforce is proud of a sizeable increase in market share so far this year in its home country of Australia. They report that 27 percent of the 84 laser tag installations in the country from January to September of this year were done by them with competing systems from five other manufacturers averaging a 12 percent market share.

According to Len Kelly, founder of Laserforce International, “Gen 8 is the most reliable, robust and eye-catching product we have delivered. We are more than happy to show off our equipment while competitors try to catch up with us – again.”

Overall, they assert a 64 percent market share in the country – meaning more than 6 out of 10 operating locations in Australia are running with a Laserforce system. They’re hopeful that regardless of what part of the world you’re in, this data piques your interest enough to see what they have to offer.

They invite readers to visit them at IAAPA booth #4078 (to schedule an appointment to chat at the show, click here) or visit to learn more.


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