LAI Offers “Free” Snapshot 2 Photo Booth!


lai-snapshot-2-photo-boothLAI Games launched a special promotion for U.S. customers which they say allows their Snapshot 2 photo booth to practically pay for itself. For each Snapshot 2 order placed in the month of September, the company will give away four boxes of media (paper and ink, size 4″ x 6″, 600 prints) for free!

At a vend price of $5/print, operators will make $12,000 in revenue on that media, which according to LAI is more than enough to cover the cost of the photo booth.

After the initial purchase, operators will receive the usual price per print from LAI for their future media purchases. For complete details on this offer, contact your authorized distributor or LAI Games at [email protected] or 877/877-3966.


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