TT Promotes Responsible Drinking


Absolut Vodka, Malibu and Jamesons (all popular liquor brands of Pernod Ricard USA) have teamed up with TouchTunes to sponsor the first integrated, local transit information program which will be displayed on TT jukes in bars and taverns nationwide. TouchTunes, which says it reaches over 38 million Millennial viewers/listeners monthly, believes this is a big step in combating drinking and driving and will spread awareness about safe and responsible consumption.

TransitScreen, a global information company that tracks public transit, will provide integrated, real-time schedules for local trains, subways and buses, as well as make ride-share (think Uber/Lyft) and taxi options easily available through the TouchTunes jukebox screen. This information will also appear alongside the Pernod brand messaging during the TT video loop.

“This is an exciting platform for marketers to deliver brand messages alongside real-time, contextually-relevant, local transit information on a single screen,” explained Susan Danaher, head of advertising, marketing and sales for TouchTunes Media. “TouchTunes offers the unique ability to deliver measurable, high impact campaigns to a vast audience.”

“We are excited about this partnership with TouchTunes – it’s a perfect fit,” said TransitScreen Co-Founder and COO Ryan Croft. “With TransitScreen’s convenient, real-time information now accessible via TouchTunes’ powerful platform, people out socializing can maximize their time with each other and get home safely.”

This new content will be available in over 200 locations in cities across the country. Keep an eye out next time you see your local TouchTunes! For more, click here.