L.A. County Board to Propose Select $25 Minimum Wage


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will consider a motion at their Sept. 12 meeting that would require hotel and theme park workers in unincorporated areas to be paid at least $25 an hour, rising to $30 an hour by 2028, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Chair Janice Hahn, who proposed the motion on Aug. 8 at a board meeting, said too many employers are paying their workers low wages. The measure would apply to employees of Universal Studios Hollywood and Six Flags Magic Mountain, and people working at hotels with more than 60 rooms.

“A $25 minimum wage, up from the current minimum wage of $16.90, would not make these workers rich, but it would make their lives a little easier and may mean that they don’t need to work multiple jobs just to stay in their homes,” Hahn said.


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