June RePlay En Route


The new edition of RePlay Magazine has begun arriving at subscriber offices, and it’s a super issue featuring lots of information on the bowling center’s ever-growing use of coin-op games in its widening entertainment mix. With the June Bowl Expo on tap later this month, it gives subscribers a great heads-up on what’s to happen, and who’s to exhibit goods and services, at this bowling summit.

In addition to the bowling coverage, the June RePlay has some great stories for street vendors, too, including the emergence of The Really Big Crane Co. owned and run by their operator brothers Rick LeFleur along with Chip & Terry O’Hara. Also, a solid piece by jukebox veteran John Margold on bumping the music machine’s bottom line with built-in promo tools can put more bucks in your cash box.

Speaking of which, a year’s worth of RePlay issues (12) still costs $65 after all these years, which most of you have collected well before finishing this newsletter. So, wassup, wallflowers? Contact [email protected] and sign up to get America’s only amusement machine monthly.


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