JET Games Buys Family Fun Companies


The Florida-based machine designer and manufacturer Jennison Entertainment Technologies (JET Games) has bought the assets of Family Fun Companies. JET Games will continue operating the FFC brand, tailoring certain future products for each business.

FFC and its entire team have relocated from the Chicago area to Daytona Beach, Fla., where both companies will operate from JET’s current corporate headquarters at 822 S. Nova Road. COO Kern Jennison noted, “It was important to JET to ensure all FFC staff would continue employment with a similar position in Florida. It’s the people and staff that are the most important part of any company – and it’s those people we want to join the JET team.”

From left, Alex Mazon, Jeff Peveler, Mimi Kiest, Kern Jennison, Marisa Gurrola, Dean Jennison, Tito Hudarin, Bobby Mellor, Nathan Wiedemer, Nancy Mellor, Charlie Creamer, John Brennan and Justin Jennison.

Anticipating reaching a deal, JET has spent the last few months building a large addition to its headquarters. All JET and FFC parts and service will be consolidated into the space, and JET will offer service and support for the entire Family Fun line of products. FFC’s Alex Mazon will be tasked with streamlining the integration between both companies. “JET’s acquisition of FFC will grow both companies faster and I am excited to use JET’s strong international presence to bring the FFC line to developing markets,” he said.

JET will be sharing some of its future products to customers in a private showing at the GTI Asian China Expo in Guangzhou, held Sept. 10-12.

The companies added that there is a “synergy” between the two – “where JET has had great success this year in emerging markets, FFC has several product lines that fit naturally into those areas.”

“The merging of JET with the FFC brand and its kiddie rides will allow us to achieve our mutually held goals in established as well as emerging markets,” said John Brennan, director of business development.

Family Fun Companies was founded by the late Richard Oltmann in 2000. Over the past 19 years, the company became “a distinguished design and manufacturing company developing many popular games and rides in the family entertainment industry,” JET said. FFC’s recent releases include the prize vending game Shoot the Poop and the redemption unit Super Wings.

“We are excited to carry on the legacy of Richard Oltmann,” said JET Games CEO Justin Jennison. “When we started in the industry in 2003 and then began our manufacturing arm in 2007, Rich offered Kern and I an extensive amount of advice and support.

“We have always been grateful for his insight. We wish to thank Frank Sikora for being instrumental in the execution of the deal and we look forward to welcoming the entire Family Fun team to Florida.” (By the way, the entertainment facilities owned by Sikora –– Enchanted Castle and Haunted Trails –– remain his and were not a part of the JET-FFC deal.)

JET will be launching a new, cutting-edge website in September at They say it will offer distributors and customers “an abundance of information including product videos, support videos and employing new technologies for operators to track all service-related issues using mobile devices.

In the meantime, for assistance with any JET or FFC game, call 1-855-JET-GAME (1-855-538-4263) and contact your local distributor for sales information.


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