David Bishop to CTM Group


Industry veteran David Bishop has joined the CTM Group, a company with vast operations in malls, theme parks, tourism/hospitality locations and game rooms.

Bishop has an impressive resume in entertainment operations from his early post as director at Atari Operations to numerous top roles at Namco’s operating arm where he spent 27 years. Most recently, he was COO of Sally Corporation, a theme park attraction builder known for its dark rides and animatronic characters and shows.

“Being COO at Sally Corporation and working with theme parks and ride development was an awesome experience. I love that team and being a part of such a creative group,” Bishop said. Even so, when CTM CEO Tom Coco approached him about the opportunity at his company, “I simply couldn’t turn it down,” he added. “CTM has some exciting plans.”

In announcing Bishop’s addition, Coco told his team that to continue the company’s upward trajectory, grow and expand their footprint, “the need to add additional talent to an already very talented team becomes evident.” He continued, “David’s background brings a wealth of experience and knowledge related to our industry and I’m confident he will quickly add value to our operation.”

Read more about CTM Group in a future issue of RePlay.


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