Intercard, Pinnacle Team


Intercard and Pinnacle Entertainment Group have joined forces to serve the arcade and FEC market, “providing each other’s clients with the best cashless technology and arcade consulting services,” according to the companies.

At Intercard’s Amusement Expo 2019 booth in Las Vegas are company CEO Scott Sherrod (center) flanked by George (left) and Howard McAuliffe of Pinnacle Entertainment. (Photo by Robert Sax)

The two firms have worked together informally since 1990, when Pinnacle president George McAuliffe was VP of Operations at Edison Brothers Entertainment in St. Louis, where Intercard is based.

“We bought our first Intercard system in 1998 and it’s been very friendly with (founder Ray Sherrod’s son) Scott over the years,” McAuliffe said. “We’re fortunate to come together in this business.

More information about the companies is available at and



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