Incredible Pizza Company Moving San Antonio Location


A vacant Kmart in San Antonio will soon have America’s Incredible Pizza Company as a tenant, as the Missouri-based FEC will be expanding in the Texas city, moving from its north side to a location 15 miles away on the west side.

The current facility in San Antonio is 57,000 sq. ft. Incredible Pizza Company will take up 73,000 sq. ft. of the old Kmart’s 172,000 sq. ft., according to the San Antonio Business Journal.

The company’s executive consultant Don Potvin reported that they’d been looking to expand for some time since party rooms at the current facility sell out nearly every weekend.

The new location, opening in the next few weeks, will have several new attractions as well, including a refurbished 1950s Scrambler ride.

More information about the company, owned by Rick and Cheryl Barsness, is available at


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